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The owners of a hungry donkey have been ordered to pay thousands of pounds in damages, after the voracious farm animal attempted to chow down on a brightly coloured supercar parked outside it‘s enclosure.

Vitus the donkey, of Giessen, Germany, is thought to have caused approximately £5,100 worth of damage to an orange McLaren sports car which it reportedly “mistook for a giant carrot.”

According to Sky News, Vitus sunk his teeth into the rear end of the £200,000 vehicle, severely damaging it‘s paintwork and piercing through it‘s carbon fibre bodywork.

Vitus’ owners swiftly found themselves facing legal action after refusing to reimburse the owner of the McLaren supercar out of Court.

When Vitus’ owners were first challenged, reports suggest that the disgruntled driver was told he “should have picked a better place to park.”

Nevertheless, towards the end of September, a German Court ruled that Vitus’ owners must pay €5,800 in damages to the vehicle’s anonymous owner.

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