And finally...

A new nationwide survey suggests that Britain would have very little chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

According to a YouGov poll highlighted by Sky News in recent days, only one in 10 Britons would know what to do if their nation was attacked by zombies on a mass scale.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of respondents would be ‘woefully unprepared’ for survival, the study found.

11 per cent of those quizzed said that they would be too scared to leave the comfort of their own home if zombies were outside, and would lock themselves in. Others added that if a friend or family member was bitten by a zombie, they would attempt to save them.

Seasoned horror fans will know that neither of the above are good ideas – with food and supplies limited and victims of zombie attacks sure to turn awry shortly after being wounded.

Almost a third (29 per cent) of respondents told the survey that they would gather supplies and attempt to reach a remote area for sanctuary.

Some might consider this a sensible plan, but only 33 per cent of Britons said that they felt confident they could outrun a zombie if chased.

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