Study sheds light on key motivators behind contracting and freelancing

Freedom, independence and control rank highly amongst the key reasons Britons are motivated to try their hand at contracting and freelancing, a new study has revealed.

According to research recently highlighted by Business Matters Magazine, money is far from the main motivator for the nation’s self-employed individuals.

In fact, almost half (48 per cent) of contractors told the survey that ‘independence and control’ were their key reasons for freelancing, compared to just 31 per cent that said they started working for themselves in a bid to ‘earn more money’ and enjoy ‘higher day rates’.

Meanwhile, 12 per cent of freelancers said that flexibility topped their list of contractor benefits, claiming to have opted for contracting in a bid to enjoy a better ‘work-life balance’.

Nine per cent of respondents cited either ‘all of the above’, ‘choice’ or various other reasons as their key motivators for being self-employed.

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